Personal Bankruptcy

Life can have many unforeseen turns. Whether you are experiencing divorce, health issues, job loss, or are tied to your failing business, we can help provide relief with the following legal services and more:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing
  • Chapter 12 bankruptcy filing
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing

Business Bankruptcy

Whether you're a sole proprietor, LLC or major corporation, filing for bankruptcy is not only a big decision, but a big job. We are Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy and can help with:

  • Corporate bankruptcy filing
  • Small business bankruptcy filing
  • Corporate reorganization

Bankruptcy Creditors & Trustees

We handle case referrals from Bankruptcy Creditors & Trustees including banks, leasing companies, commercial landlords and consumer lenders in the Northern & Eastern Districts of Texas. Some of the services we provide are:



  • Monitor cases
  • Prepare & file proofs of claim
  • And more


  • File motions such as objections to exemptions and turnover
  • Asset collection & liquidation
  • And more