Reasons For Using Our Services

When large cases are filed in Northern District (Dallas & Fort Worth) or the Eastern District (Plano & Denton), and the surrounding areas, many creditors are looking for a good, but fairly priced law firm to represent them on discrete issues within the case. Mark Agee has a positive long-standing history both trustees and creditors.

Who We Represent

  • Banks and other lenders
  • Leasing and finance companies
  • Landlords
  • Commercial lenders
  • Consumer lenders
  • Trustees

Services We Provide for Bankruptcy Creditors

  • Court case monitoring and appearances
  • Preparation and filing of proofs of claim
  • Defense of adversary proceedings and avoidance actions such as preferences and fraudulent transfers
  • Identify any special rights applicable to the creditor
  • Defend adversary proceedings brought by trustees or debtors.
  • Prepare motions including motions for relief from stay (often on a flat-fee basis)
  • Handle emergency situations

Services We Provide for Bankruptcy Trustees

  • Avoidance litigation such as preferences and fraudulent transfers
  • Reviewing contracts and property closings
  • Claims review
  • File motions such as objections to exemptions and turnover
  • Prosecute avoidance litigation such as fraudulent transfers and preferences
  • Asset collection & liquidation